Monday, August 31, 2009

Grandma and Gibberish: Tech Talk Today

Did you ever notice how different our vocabulary is now that we have all of this technology?

My 87 year old grandma is pretty tech-savvy for an older lady. After all, she uses Yahoo! and emails us all the time. She even used to have a cell phone (though she thought for a while that you could only call a cell from another cell).

But no matter how quick she is the words I use are not registered in Grandma's dictionary.

Consider this sentence: “I tweeted about the blog and subscribed to the RSS feed.”

Me: total sense. Grandma: gibberish.

Next consider this: “I RT'd @qtpie with a link to the twitpic and she said LOL.”

Me: total sense. Grandma: gibberish.

Or: “I googled the FB app and downloaded the update but I don’t like the new user interface.”

Me: total sense. Grandma: gibberish.

So my point is how much the tech world has changed our language and how large the generational gap is with the new advancements. Even my parents don't quite get it, though they are closer than grandma! I find it quite comical.


  1. I am 27 years old....consider myself somewhat savy (i dont have a blog or blackberry/iphone or face book acct) and I couldnt follow all of that short hand initials!!!

  2. lol, I get a kick out of the fact that my 80+ grand mother is using facebook. I haven't told her about my blog, or twitter, but I wonder if I did, if she'd be able to figure it out.


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