Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Cake From @Parenting

Today I made a hot air balloon cake that I got off of the Parenting website. I served it for my four year old daughter's birthday. The connection there is that her camp has a fun song that says "our air balloon is set, on a trip you won't forget..." So Kayla was excited to have an air balloon cake.
Here are the EASY instructions to construct this cake:
Step 1: Bake a white cake recipe in a pyrex bowl filled 1/3 of the way and a mini loaf pan. Flip them over when cool and position like this:

Step 2: Frost the cake with any white or colored frosting.
Step 3: Decorate as you want- I threw all sorts of sprinkles, sugars and candies. Use Rice Chex for the basket and licorice strings for the rope. I dropped a small candy on top of the ends of the rope to make it stick.

Serve and enjoy!
Come again!