Thursday, August 13, 2009

Secaucus Junction and the NJ Transit

So here I am at Secaucus Junction- the train station with the best radio station. And sitting to my right is a woman with one of those mini tehillim/psalm books. Now this is not the first time I have ever seen her. She seems to take my train each morning and we sit next to each other on this same bench waiting for a transfer. I admire her for reading psalms every morning (the English translated side no less). As u can tell, I am a real people watcher. This helps keep me busy when I am alone and gives me something to talk about with strangers or in awkward situations.

Anyway, here are my general thoughts on Secaucus Junction and the NJ transit:

1. As mentioned above, they have best music streaming. I wonder who the DJ is.

2. You are not a good conductor unless you call it SEEEcaucus.

3. The early morning trains are consistently announced on one track but arrive on the opposite track… without fail! Why even announce a track when there are only 2 possibilities to NYC and they share a platform? And should I trust the signals and information at this station if they are always wrong when they make announcements?

4. “Track 3/Other Way.” That is an actual sign…! Wait, which way?

5. I pay $4.25 for a nice sit down ride and the MTA subway users spend $2 less (yes, the fare for the subway is now $2.25) and get to be cramped, pushed, sweaty, and solicited by random blind men with dogs playing “Country Road” from what looks like an old transistor radio. Thank goodness for the NJ Transit!


  1. GOOD GOIN -the trains are pretty humorous , i guess you gotta make some fun out of long and annoying commutes, have fun and enjoy the ride


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