Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogging Impediments

I'd love to keep a blog as sort of an online journal or a diary. I have never been a diary keeper, so this is hard for me to write constantly. Here are the true impediments to keeping an active updated blog:
1. I think of things to post or share at the weirdest moments. Often, I don't have time to type them up. For example, I am feeding my kids dinner... I can't (or won't!) stop to blog it and later I can't remember whatever it was. But my real-time moments are more important than the blog. I don't want to live in its shadow and miss watching my kids grow up! (Anyone see that blogger on House a few weeks back?)
2. Sometimes 140 characters is enough and simply easier. Hence the tweeting consistently :)
3. I am secretly scared that my blog will get so many comments that I won't have time to respond to all the readers! A blog needs to be a real dialog and not just my diary.
4. I work full-time! My best time to post is while I am commuting but I haven't decided to invest in an iphone app yet to blog. It's a catch-22. My blog can't grow unless I pay for a blogging app, but I don't want to pay for an app when my blog is not active enough. Plus, aside from paying, the apps are so fickle that I need to decide to invest in the $10 app that will actually work. Is it worth it?
So, I will try to continue blogging at my own pace and might not make it to virtual fame and advertising glory.
I'm happy with my diary for now. Just wish I could add more!
Hope you take it for what it is and enjoy anyway.
Come again!