Friday, April 20, 2012

Too Excited to Sleep

Sometimes I'm too excited to sleep. There's so much on my mind that I cannot possibly get it to rest. This happens when I have a lot to do or if work is on my mind. I continue thinking and thinking. I presume this happens to you too.
My friend Ayala and I used to joke about not being able to sleep the night before a big trip. Before we departed Israel (when we were in seminary), we packed through the night. When it was finally time to go to sleep, neither of us could fall asleep. I turned to her in the dark quiet room and said, "Stop thinking." She asked me, "How did you know?"
I think it's completely normal to need time to wind down before falling asleep. Our minds are racing and I'm sure there's some kind of psychological term for this. I, of course, do not know what that term is. But I know that this is normal.
Still I was surprised when my 6 1/2-year-old daughter said to me tonight, "Mommy, I'm too excited to sleep." I asked her "Why?" Her answer was, "My new shoes came and I'm very excited."
I thought that was just the most adorable thing in the world. She was anxious because tomorrow she would be able to wear new shoes! Firstly it's so innocent and simple. Secondly, I think it is a mature response-she knows her mind is racing despite the fact that she should be sleeping.
*Now, if only the cause of my inability to sleep was new shoes! Boy, wouldn't that make me happy?*

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I am now using Instagram for my photos. I think it is kind of fun to add different looks and techniques to the photos. However, I'm not sure how this method preserves the actual picture.
I also see so many different pictures with complex techniques but I'm not sure how people apply them. Do they overlap photos? Do they use more than one? Do they Photoshop pictures separately and then upload to Instagram? I'm still sorting it out for myself.
I'm having fun with it anyway-both on my Droid and my iPad.
I don't quite understand why it is so popular. I guess it's also an easy way to share your photos with one click of a button to all sorts of different social media outlets. That is certainly marketable.
Do you instagram? What do you think?

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cape Cod

I took this photo on the coast of Cape Cod. Enjoyed a great vacation with the family :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Keyboard Fun

I got a new keyboard for my new iPad. This is really a lot of fun to use and makes the iPad a lot more practical in terms of computing power.
I am still getting used to having a touch screen to go along with my keyboard. That will come with time. Each device I own (iPhone, android, iPad, desktop PC) comes with its own set of rules. I find that I sometimes confuse these "rules" (i.e. by trying to use Swype on the iPad).
I am certainly not a techie, but I find that each device has its pros and cons. One of my favorite iPad apps gives me the capability to log in to my desktop remotely. I can work from home without booting up my laptop. I find that the new iPad is also very fast and efficient. Now that I have the keyboard, I can do so much more in terms of working from home.
I still enjoy the android phone I have and wish there was T9/Swype on the iPad. It is certainly one of the fastest methods of typing. Both devices have great voice recognition but I find that I communicate better when I type rather than speak. I guess I have more time to think things through when typing.
I am not posting this to make anyone jealous, but if I've piqued your interest in any of these items, it's probably because you are jealous!
Can't wait to enjoy my vacation with my new toy. Hoping I can get my work done quickly so that I can play.
Tata for now from the iPad :)
Come again!