Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camp Simcha

Ok, I am slightly biased because I work here but this truly inspired and amazed me! Almost brought me to tears to see how amazingly strong our cancer campers are!

My husband is running the NYC marathon to raise funds for Chai Lifeline and camp as part of Team Lifeline. If you were inspired and want to sponsor these amazing children, click here to sponsor his run!
Thanks :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Last night found me on a packed train going home. There was this lady on the train sitting in a tight handicapped seat-the kind that folds down off the wall. She was loudly complaining to the guy next to him saying "would you stay on YOUR side of the line and don't touch me with your sweaty body and shake your smelly hair all over me!"
I promise you this was a grown woman. I was wondering what kind of day she had at work to bring her attitude to the train. She was so loud that she was not embarrassing the infractor aka smelly sweaty hair guy but rather herself.
Contrast this with my experience in the next car (I moved up to avoid commutophobic lady).
I was standing after the long day and a huge guy who must have been 6 foot 4 offered me his seat. It was squishy so I said "no it's ok." He got up anyway and I felt bad so I told him it's a 3 seater and we can both sit. So now there were 3 of us and I was sandwiched between 2 big guys. I told them about the lady in the car behind us.
We all laughed and joked that we were crossing the line and should not take a seat when we need deodorant.
The 6'4" guy said maybe commuting is not for the faint of heart and that woman should reconsider her method of commuting!
Bottom line--I had a squishy but pleasant--ride.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bathroom shops

We have been talking about building a master bathroom in my house and a new bathroom that will be the main bathroom for the hallway. We currently have only 1 full bath on the 2nd floor and a full bath downstairs on the main level.
We have had several estimates, designs, and ideas. My kids have met several new people who have come to take a look.
The other day we were at my in-laws and my three year old daughter Kayla had to go to the bathroom. I told her she could choose from 1 of the 3 bathrooms (they have 2 1/2 baths).

Kayla looked at me with a calculated face and said, "they have three bathrooms but our house only has two. That's why we needa get a new bathroom."

It was so adorably cute especially if you know her and she made it sound so simple! It's not like I just buy it from the shop and plop it into place. Wait till she discovers what it entails.
If only it could be that easy! I'm excited but having nightmares about picking out the detailing and designing it!
Wish me luck :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Neat freak wannabe

I wish I was a neat freak because then I would be able to maintain the cleanliness of my house happily. Instead I abhor chores and avoid them and do as much as I can calmly. Eventually it overcomes my efforts and the housework comes crashing down.
And that is when I freak. I get annoyed irritated and upset easily when my house is a wreck. I feel out of control and it affects my mood.
This is NOT a good character trait! I wish I was a neat freak and could actually stay on top of it all!
I scheduled the cleaning lady for this coming Tuesday. Hopefully she will restore my sanity.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Entitlement and Kids

The twitter topic of the day was whether our kids learn entitlement when we give them whatever they want. Or more simply put, how do we teach kids not to expect materialism and not to assume it is all affordable and coming to them?
Spoiling kids is easy to do. We all want our kids to have nice things and feel good about what they have. On the other hand, if everything is handed to them on a silver platter, how will they learn to work for their money and be thankful for what they have?
I don't have the answer to this but I do have some thoughts that might shed some light on the matter.
1. Don't deprive your kids. Your kids should have a positive feeling about what they have. Always wanting is just as bad for your kids and builds resentment and frustration.
2. You don't have to keep up with the Jones' but you should live somewhere where your material level is average. Your kids should not resent you or your career an hard-work because they can't have "x."
3. Teach your kids about earning and spending. Even if you have enough $ to give unlimited, don't. Set up a system for earning and spending so they learn the value of money. Teach them about saving up for larger gains later on.
4. Tell your kids about shopping deals and lead by example. The most wealthy people still spend (or invest) wisely. Explain when a purchase is not a good deal and how to find that bargain.
5. Don't chase after physical things. You can't take it with you. If you model this behavior your kids will learn it too.
Please add your thoughts and comments here!

Gaza Mall

I have been hearing a lot of jokes about the new Gaza Mall that just opened. I am usually not political especially on this blog, which is more about family and kids... But, I thought this was pretty funny...
Here is a quote from YNET News:
"Gaza Mall, the first ever shopping center in the Strip was opened last Saturday with masses storming the new attraction. The two-floor compound..."
Even their new mall is called a "COMPOUND!"
To view the full article, click here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Shoes, glorious shoes!
It's that time! My little pipsqueak is walking at 13 months and we need to buy him shoes. It is an exciting moment, yet daunting as well. Now he wears 2 of the most expensive products out there for kids: diapers AND shoes!
This is only the beginning. Shoe purchasing never ends, though thankfully the diapers do sooner or later. He will need new shoes every 3-4 months!
I have 3 shoe-wearing, money-laundering, foot-growing monsters...
When do I get to treat MYSELF to a new pair of shoes?!?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Blogging again

I am back at least or now. I tried blogging before but work made me quit.
I think it is nice to keep a personal journal, keep friends and family involved and informed in everyday life- especially if the live far away, and to educate and build a community.
So my blog is back. Hopefully with my new social media iPhone app I'll send updates more easily. Most will come when I am on the run since that is the only real time I have to think anyway.
So here goes. Happy reading!

Come again!