Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Smashing snacks!

I got the following text message from my son's preschool teacher.

Teacher: "Hi. All is well. The last few days Tzvi has been smashing his snacks into crumbs. When we asked him to stop, he sat on them... When I ask him why he's doing it he says cuz he doesn't like his snacks! He only wants veggie straws. I told Tzvi I would tell u. Have a good day."

My response: "LOL, he is hysterical! He is so strong willed. Sorry! Please tell him I say that if he stops smashing them, he can have veggie straws when he gets home. Thanks."

Teacher: "Ok. will do. lol."

My son is something else! This is his complex 3 year old logic. I only want veggie straws. Therefore all my snacks must be smashed to smithereens. This will bring me the snack I want!

This little child has a mind of his own. He wants things NOW and he wants to be heard. How stubborn and how hysterical!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

From Baby to Toddler

We packed up and went away for Pesach (Passover). The entire getaway was 10 days. I have much to say about this "vacation" but one thing upon which I'd like to to focus most is how the time affected my baby, Siri.

Siri is now almost 15 months old. During this 2 week period, she transformed from being a baby to showing signs of being a toddler.

Here are examples of what I mean:

  • Siri has been walking since she was 12 months. But now she walks with a purpose. She has places to go, things to see.
  • Siri has needs beyond food, sleep and a diaper change. Now she wants to "go" or drink her "ba-ba" or play. She has fun climbing and sliding at the playground!
  • She also expresses herself very clearly when she wants to say "no." She screeches (I do not like this stage!) and says "nooooo" until the adult in charge agrees to oblige. 
  • She has learned to bite or tantrum when she does not get her way. She is searching for the words to express herself.

All these changes took place during the 2 weeks that we were with Siri. Perhaps I simply did not notice the signs before we left for Pesach vacation. But I believe that she really grew up when she spent time with us.
We are heading into the toddler stage. We must teach our baby how to express herself, especially as the youngest of 4. We must give her opportunities to explore, even if it means making a mess!

Siri has been a fairly easy and quiet baby. I am looking forward to seeing her personality (and attitude) blossom.
Come again!