Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm Terrible at Bedtime! Stressing (again).

I know that bedtime is the best time of day to share with my kids. It's the chance they have to tell me about their day. They should be cuddly and cute right before they head to sleep.
In my house, bedtime is a battlefield. There are songs and stories and some nights we have nice talks.
Mostly, I just want them to go to sleep. So that tomorrow morning will be smooth. So that the day will be easy and the kids amenable. So that my day can come to a close. So that I can sit down to dinner.
I'll admit it. I get stressed out and bedtime usually turns into a fight.
My husband has it down to a science. I think I need some tips.
It's more important to stay calm than to get them into bed on time. The only problem is that this backfires and I end up keeping the kids up WAY past their bedtimes.
Please share your tricks and tips!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Salute to Israel Parade

Can you spot my kids? Specifically Tzvi at 8:11:

Looks like they were having a blast...
Come again!