Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have just begun this blog, inspired by my fellow Twits. From what I understand, you are nobody on Twitter if your tweets don't lead to a more interesting and expanded blog. And I am fed up with being nobody on Twitter. SO HERE IT IS. You may notice that it is entitled, "Is anyone interested in what I have to say?" and that is because I am truly skeptical about this. I mean, with millions of bloggers, who will be interested in what I have to say?
Answer to that: my husband promised me that he is!
Well at least I have 1 person I know who cares about what I say. The rest of you out there are just nodding your heads and smiling, thinking that the title to my blog is in fact quite apropos.
So, here's my very first attempt at blogging. You can be sure this is going right up on Twitter and Facebook so at least my friends will read and comment.
Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more of my rants...


  1. Welcome to the Blogsphere! The world's largest Mah Jong party.

    Recently I posted this tweet: "On Twitter, everybody is famous for 15 seconds."

    Of course, one can post many times in a day and end up pushing Warhol's "famous for 15 minutes" way beyond that.

    Kol tuv from Eretz Hakadosh

  2. I felt the same way in the beginning...
    Some people have luck and right away their blog takes off, others have to wait a little while till their name spreads more and then people read it more. Depends how active you are in commenting on other blogs too.


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