Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yesterday my husband Jeremy bought dirt. A lot of dirt. To fill a gaping hole in our backyard.

When we moved in we had 2 sheds, a tree stump, a fence and a lot of junk which we cleared out. And we now have a massive hole. So tonight he has to pour the dirt and put down seeds.

When we filled our first hole after removing the tree stump, we researched which grass seeds to buy. The guy at Home Depot was like an infomercial. He told us that one brand claimed it could grow on concrete, without any sun, in just one week. So Home Depot put an inch of dirt on the concrete and "planted" the seeds. Well, they watered them day in and out and on day 8--or so the guy claimed-- grass began to appear.

I am usually very skeptical but with the promise for grass in our gaping holes and the excitement of the infomercial, we took the risk.

We watered and watered until day 8 when I thought it had failed. But on day 9 Jeremy said he saw grass. And indeed he did!

It grew in nicely and you wouldn't know there was ever a hole. My father in law even asked us where the tree stump used to be- he honestly couldn't tell.

After that experiment, we are going to fill yet another large hole tonight. First with dirt, and then with the famous seeds that grow on concrete.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial... I highly recommend this product, which can be purchased at Home Depot... (But I forgot the exact name of the product and will check and post when I get home.) Just water and it will grow.

Good luck all!

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