Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3 Couples and a Bowl of Pasta:

Last night I went to Va Bene, a dairy Italian restaurant in NYC - I highly recommend the restaurant and the food was delish and the experience was great. Here is my take on the three couples sitting in my row.

Couple 1: Seriously right out of a movie! I saw a woman at one table to my right and a man at another to my left. They each begin playing w their phones, texting to find the other. After a few texts, they finally realize the other is there. And only 4 tables away! So they look up, laugh and he moves over to sit with her. I feel like I'm watching, “You’ve Got Mail” or another chick flick like that.

Couple 2: Intense restaurant experts… They say hello to the maitre de and you can tell they know the menu by heart and have it all planned out to a tee. They begin w salads for each and share the appetizer personal pizza. Then the main dish arrives- a large bowl of pasta for each. They know the best dishes and even how to twirl their pasta with a fork and spoon and they make me feel like I should have ordered exactly what they did.

Couple 3: They REALLY need a new shadchan aka whoever set them up doesn't really know either of them. He is a straight guy wearing a white shirt & black pants and sporting a scruffy beard. She is caked up in foundation and wearing a bright pink and orange shirt and short skirt. They are barely talking... I could have held a better conversation with a goldfish! I'm pretty sure they will never trust the friends who set them up ever again!

Well at least my company was nice as I was with my brother, sister in law, and husband. I am just hoping none of the above 3 couples decided that MY table was so strange that they would blog about the weird couples in their row at Va Bene.


  1. Why are people sitting in rows in a restaurant? Sounds more like a classroom...

  2. Hi I will read what you write because you are a good writer and you'll see things and have a perspective based on your experience, that others won't ever have. The fact that you dine out in NYC is something I won't do. I am living in Israel -- for the past 4 months -- and life is so different here. So I and others will enjoy reading your blog and I am sure it will be good.

  3. please put the title or so on Twitter and add/... tell me on thx, todaRabba.
    Shalom sameach - happy peace, solly


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