Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kingda Ka Killer Adventure

On Sunday I had the pleasure of going to great adventure with my husband, brother in law and niece. We went on lots of fun and scary rides. Roller coasters can be scary because while we are taking a thrill ride we all know deep down that just one slight malfunction could be deadly.

You never want to hear a ride operator say the word "OOPS."
Every ride has a sign next to the operator that says "Do Not Distract Ride Operator." Does that mean that one rowdy teen can determine my fate?
So you can imagine my shock and horror when I got up to the gate on the Kingda ka ride and it was "temporarily out of order." what is it I thought- a loose screw? A snapped steel beam? A rowdy crew so distracting that the operator joined in their games?
Luckily the girls in front of me were on round 2 of their Kingda ka excitement and they were here when it was announced.
The ride was closed because someone on the last trip wet himself in his seat during the ride. Now was clean up time.
Oh thank g-d I thought. Nothing so serious!
A man wet himself in fear while on this ride and I am saying thank g-d?!? I am thrilled it is nothing seriously deadly or dangerous?!?

This ride is insane and I know why that guy was afraid. You and the other crazy riders get shot 456 feet into the air by hydraulic power at 128 miles per hour. You make one twist till you reach the peak where you edge over the top hanging there with no sense of gravity. You cannot see the track anymore- just the blue sky, clouds, and great expansive parking lot.

Finally you head back down at what feels like 300 mph twisting as you shoot straight down like an arrow heading for the enemy’s heart. This is the link to the description from Great Adventure’s website. I hope I did it justice: http://www.sixflags.com/greatAdventure/rides/KingdaKa.aspx

After all that, you finish off with a small little bump in the track that makes you thankful that you are no longer at a 90 degree angle, and then you come back around to the starting point wondering where you lost your lunch along the way.

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