Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Diet Coke Party!

If you ask any of my friends, I win every contest, raffle, auction or prize out there. It's true. I have a pretty good track record. I see it as G-d's way of helping us our financially without giving me a direct raise or cash advance. I wasn't surprised when I entered and won a 30 second birthday party from Diet Coke as part of their brand promotion.
All I did was tweet a haiku to @dietcokeUS! Click here to read my haiku tweet! I got a message shortly thereafter to contact them with my email address. After working out many technicalities including okaying the party with my boss, Diet Coke came to the Chai Lifeline headquarters in New York City to celebrate.
Of course my husband Jeremy and my mother in law who both work nearby came and my coworkers joined in the party.
We did the dancing silly string thing and then I got an awesome Diet Coke t-shirt and a free 1 year supply of the brown liquid. That's right, I have coupons for a year's supply of Diet Coke. I know you are jealous!
Click here to see the awesome pictures of the party on my Facebook page.
I am now very loyal to the brand that gave me free drinks for a year!

Now here is the downer:
The party was back in August and I waited patiently to post this because I was expecting to have a personal video of the party posted on YouTube. After I waited more than a month even though they told me it would be up in a week, Diet Coke compiled ONE video of ALL the parties... and I have a very, very short cameo. The original videos were each 1-2 minutes with the full back story and the 30 second party. You can Google "diet coke birthday" to see some of the main video results. I am very disappointed that they did not hold to their side of the deal here.
But, without further adieu, here is my feature film! Find me at :45 and 1:18.
I really had a blast and I hope you enjoyed this post almost as much as I enjoyed the party. Feel free to come by for a tweet-up and a round of Diet Cokes on the house!

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