Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bandaid Boo Boo

Right before putting Kayla (5yo) to bed, I noticed she had a bandaid on her pinky. I asked her what happened, figuring it was her slight obsession with bandaids that made her cover a small cut on her cuticle. Her response however was slightly alarming. "Sarah slammed the door on it. On purpose."
I immediately told her to take the bandaid off because I wanted to see the bruise.
It was swollen, black and blue, with a large segment of skin ripped up and a substantial cut.
"Who gave you the bandaid?"
"My teacher."
"Did you go to the school nurse?"
"Did your teacher give you ice?"
"What about cream?"
I am really not an alarmist but my child needed ice as well as neosporin for this cut. She already had dirt under the skin. I really don't want this to get infected. Our friend and EMT advised us to go to the doctor if possible to cut off the extra skin so as to avoid infection.
I should have received a phone call about this!!!
The teacher will be hearing from me in the morning.
What do you think?


  1. In general, if your child is injured at school, or has to go to the nurse for anything else, you should be informed about it. There are three very good reasons for this:
    1. In case later symptoms appear, when your doctor (or God forbid the emergency room doc) asks for the history, you have the necessary information.
    2. For proper follow-up care (cleaning, replacing bandage, etc).
    and maybe even 4. It's the law (in some places).

    1. Agree wholeheartedly! Young teacher. She DID give bacitracin but didn't think the cut was so bad. She also apologized when I confronted her. The school should enforce a policy of sending to the nurse so as to avoid liability later.

  2. What about the teacher who had my daughter's hair cut - twice - without asking me first?


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