Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Shoes, glorious shoes!
It's that time! My little pipsqueak is walking at 13 months and we need to buy him shoes. It is an exciting moment, yet daunting as well. Now he wears 2 of the most expensive products out there for kids: diapers AND shoes!
This is only the beginning. Shoe purchasing never ends, though thankfully the diapers do sooner or later. He will need new shoes every 3-4 months!
I have 3 shoe-wearing, money-laundering, foot-growing monsters...
When do I get to treat MYSELF to a new pair of shoes?!?


  1. We've always saved our shoes from kid to kid. Sometimes they aren't good for the next kid, but sometimes they are. We even have 1 pair of sandals that have been worn by each of our 5 kids, and are still being worn by Son4a! Those sandals are quite beat up :-)

  2. Just think... glasses and braces still to come (well, IY"H... I mean, IY"H NOT, but you know what I mean...).

  3. Sharing sandals and lightly worn shabbos shoes I'd do... But weekday shoes are too worn!

  4. Yes, the weekday shoes/sandals get pretty beat up. The sandals being worn by S4a are REALLY beat up, but he has such small feet and likes them. We tried finding him new sandals at the Gali store, but nothing satisfied him. And he's the kind of kid that will refuse to wear them if they aren't comfortable to him. But he has to find sandals soon because the existing ones are literally falling apart.

  5. D4 is super sensitive like that. We try on all diff pairs till she doesn't complain. I don't get a say in what they look like, as long as they are comfy.


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