Thursday, July 22, 2010

Neat freak wannabe

I wish I was a neat freak because then I would be able to maintain the cleanliness of my house happily. Instead I abhor chores and avoid them and do as much as I can calmly. Eventually it overcomes my efforts and the housework comes crashing down.
And that is when I freak. I get annoyed irritated and upset easily when my house is a wreck. I feel out of control and it affects my mood.
This is NOT a good character trait! I wish I was a neat freak and could actually stay on top of it all!
I scheduled the cleaning lady for this coming Tuesday. Hopefully she will restore my sanity.


  1. My view is to always balance between being sane and keeping something in the order. So I wouldn't want to a neat freak, but at the same time I try not to let things to turn house into chaos.

  2. Great advice. I'll aim for that! Thanks for commenting.


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