Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camp Simcha

Ok, I am slightly biased because I work here but this truly inspired and amazed me! Almost brought me to tears to see how amazingly strong our cancer campers are!

My husband is running the NYC marathon to raise funds for Chai Lifeline and camp as part of Team Lifeline. If you were inspired and want to sponsor these amazing children, click here to sponsor his run!
Thanks :)


  1. It didn't "almost" bring me to tears.

    Are *ALL* those kids sick?????

  2. There are 100 boys in Camp Simcha (for kids with cancer) and another 120 in Camp Simcha Special for kids with chronic illnesses. There are 2 sessions with similar numbers for girls to total 430 very sick kids.
    The crowd here included just the Camp Simcha boys, their counselors and staff.


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