Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"No Offense, But..."

Why do people always think it’s ok to say whatever they want as long as they preface it with

“No offense, but…”

These statements only end badly!

For example:

… you are missing the whole point (aka you can’t comprehend anything above a third grade level)

…you’re really slow (aka you are a complete idiot!)

… you need to pop that pimple (aka you have acne, ew!)

…your kids are a little hyper (aka you are a terrible parent!)

…your shirt is a little snug (aka you are fat)

…you’re tone deaf (aka you sound like a dying mule)

People should just filter what they say and if it's going to start with "no offense, but..." they should keep it to themselves!

"No offense, but... this was such a random blog post..." (aka that was a weird rant).

Well, thanks for listening to my random rants. Be back soon with some cuteness from my kids.


  1. No offense but . . . that made a lot of sense . . (aka your post was judged fairly by a random blogger/twitter pal who's chocolate crazed and toddler harassed) hehe

  2. i hate it when my kids start a sentence with it. No offense, Ima, but that supper wasn't good. No offense, kid, but I will shove it down your gullet... lol

  3. How about when people say "I'll be honest with you..." What makes them think we will take their words to heart when they are TELLING us that they weren't honest with us before!?

  4. Or how about "this tastes gross... want some?"
    ARE YOU INSANE? I'd prefer not to be poisoned!


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