Friday, November 13, 2009

My impressions of Google Wave so far (day1):

It seems like a nice collaborative tool. I could have used it in grad school while I was working on my year-long project with a team of students and a few organizations.

It doesn’t work in explorer, which I am ok with since I use chrome but I see that they want you to really make the commitment to google.

It is hard to find contacts. If the concept is social networking and collaboration, there should be twitter-like activity where you can follow contacts even if you do not know their email addresses.

I see now that you gain wave contacts by being involved in waves with other people who have those connections. It's hard to find people on wave!

Wave should import your contacts from other email services.

Wave needs what we iphone users call push status notification. I can’t tell when someone has edited or added to a wave.

I wonder if there is a way to “stay online” like with g-chat without keeping the whole browser open. I have to explore… which leads me to my last point…

As with all social media and new technology… you learn by using it and experimentation. Don’t try to “read the manual” or get it all from the youtube video with Dr. Wave. It won’t help.

I assume if I use it, I earn wave invites. Not sure if that is the real system, but I would like to extend invitations as so many people are pining to discover what I have been privy too.

People: I’m not sure if this is the wave of the future…!


  1. People: I'm not sure if this is the wave of the future...!

    I think this is the best comment about GoogleWave I've heard to date.


  2. Stop complaining and send them your suggestions! Google is VERY open to suggestions/comments!


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