Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Dreaded Flight

Tonight is the night I have been dreading for the past few months. My husband and I are taking our 3 children, ages 4 and under on a 12 hour plane trip… 12 hours!!! 12!!! Are we C.R.A.Z.Y.?

So as we embark on this long trip, we have prepares out kids in a few ways:

1. We explained that the airport has lines, lines, and more lines and we need to wait on them. Hope this is a lesson in patience.

2. We told the kids several times that we will be sleeping on the flight (overnight flight) and we are going to dress them in pajamas for that purpose. We are bringing along their “kikis” or blankets, and their letter “A” and “K” pillows.

3. We brought medicines—not to drug the kids, but to have on hand:

a. Benadryl for nausea

b. Tylenol for regular pain

c. Orajel for teething (2nd tooth coming in any minute)

4. We gave each kid her own carry-on so they have coloring books, crayons, silly putty, snacks, and treats.

5. We uploaded music to our ipods for them to have and got a DVD player and DVDs.

6. We told story after story about plane rides in the hopes that they will understand what we are about to embark on. Somehow Kayla thinks that “no bad people” go on planes. From her mouth to G-d’s ears! I hope that’s a good assessment of El Al.

7. I tweeted constantly about strollers, car-seats, tips, and ideas when flying and finally decided to bring 1 double stroller, 1 snap n go with the infant car seat, and 2 boosters with a back. Thanks to all who contributed to that conversation.

8. And finally, I am sure no matter how much preparation I have put in, I will be completely overwhelmed by tantrums and overtired children in the airport. Hopefully they will sleep on the plane (did I bring too much entertainment for them to actually sleep?).

9. If I have low expectations, I am bound to be impressed by our successful journey… right???

Only time will tell. Here’s to hoping we don’t get thrown off the plane for unruly conduct by the “bad people” and the flight attendants.


….results to follow….


  1. wow, have a safe trip, and good luck with the kids! Seems like you have it all under control, with the preparations.

  2. I wish a good flight for you my new friend.And when in Israel if need one thing say me in message.What I can make it`s okay.Kissesssssssssss
    Josiane Wichinieski

  3. I am overwhelmed by your trepidation. Sounds like you did everything right. Hope they get a window seat to see the cities below. They have to sleep—it’s past everyone’s bed time. Don’t worry—it will be worth it. Everyone will be so happy to see them. And you.

    Happy flying! See you there!

  4. First of all, have a safe and comfortable flight.

    Second of all, don't dread it, even if the kids get a little fussy, keep telling yourself that it will be over in X hours, etc. Hopefully they play a little at the airport while waiting and tire themselves out (not so bad if they run around the waiting area a bit). Then let them read, watch, draw on the plane a little until they get tired, and then hope they sleep, at least a few hours. Word of advice, if they don't sleep, one of you adults (you or your husband) should make sure to sleep a few hours because when you get there everyone is going to be cranky for a few hours until you get some sleep.

    Finally, ENJOY ISRAEL!!!! I am jealous :-)



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