Monday, October 28, 2013

Siri, Almost 2!

I don't think any of my kids were quite like my Siri. At number four, she gets a lot of attention from the minute she wakes up, until she goes to sleep. The other kids play with her, make her "cuppy," feed her cereal and yogurt for breakfast, put her to bed (every so often), and take baths with her (if they are lucky!).
The older children are finally old enough to be helpful. They usually don't tease or bother Siri. Instead they parent her (sometimes a little too much) and care for her. I can trust them to watch her in the morning and while I'm busy doing something else. I can send them outside to the yard (gates closed) to run around and play. The older girls have learned responsibility by watching her.
This has made my parenting experience much easier, despite the fact that I have 4 (4!) children.
That's me and my big girl, Siri!

Siri is growing up so fast too. She repeats just about every word we say, runs around the house chattering, and has a little ponytail and curls that make her look like a big girl. Her sparkly eyes are curious and she loves to explore. She's a real pleasure tantrums and all. 

I'm truly grateful for all that we have.

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