Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kosher Tuna?

The other day I was in Costco shopping for the usual. You know, I was buying more stuff than I imagine we could ever finish. Yet somehow we end up in that store every week.
I picked out my items and headed to the checkout line.
Pro tip: check your shopping list before you leave!
I of course forgot one item on the list so I let the woman behind me go first as I ran back to the aisles to pick it up. The woman behind me happened to be a religious woman but I did not know her. She gladly accepted my offer and watched my cart as I ran.
When I went to my car to unload I found a container of tuna, the prepared kind. I knew I had not purchased that and as I examined it, I wondered what the odds were that I got a kosher tuna in my cart. Kosher! It must be from the woman ahead of me (the woman who should have been behind me)! 
I checked my receipt to make sure I did not pay for it then quickly finished loading the trunk, determined to find the rightful tuna owner. At first I considered posting the story on the local Facebook page. Maybe someone would claim it. Then I realized that I had seen her schmoozing as she left the store with another woman. There was a chance that she was still in the parking lot. 
On my first aisle, I found the two women yapping away in front of her car. I pulled over and asked her if she had purchased the tuna.
"Yes! And it is missing!" 
As I handed it to her, she asked me my name and she promptly replied, "I know you from online, from the local Facebook group!" I recognized her name as well and thus began a new Facebook friendship.  I am happy I tried to return the tuna!
I know this is a random story but it was just too insane not to share. All's well that ends well. :)

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