Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation Vacation

I just returned from a week's vacation. I scheduled a weekend away followed by a two night, three day camping trip with the family. We arrived home on Wednesday and spent the next two days preparing to host the family for Shabbat.
All in all the week was a huge success. Spending time with family - who live both near and far-  is really a pastime to treasure. My kids and their cousins got to play for hours, with almost no bedtime! They really got to know one another well while the adults caught up on life. We talked and talked... then ate and ate. It was all good fun!
Monday through Wednesday we camped out. Literally. We rented a campsite and brought a trailer and tents. The days were filled with campsite preparations, barbeques, swimming, relaxing, hiking, a visit to the local zoo, campfires, and fun.
I have to include that my days were also occupied by my efforts to toilet train my 3 year old son. That was more work than setting up our tent!
When I got home, I spent Thursday and Friday resting and preparing for the family weekend. (The kids were off to camp.) Thankfully that was smooth and the weekend went off without a hitch (trailer pun intended).
Sunday followed with a "BR" from breakfast and the "UNCH" from lunch (as named by the 6 year old) with more relatives.
Driving back home, I had 4 sleeping children in my minivan. I wonder why they were so tired?!?
Miles to go before we sleep. No rest for the weary. We welcomed Grams and Pops for a post-camp-visiting-day drop-in and barbeque. How nice to see them too!
With the busy busy week behind us all, I think we all need a vacation from vacation.
Don't we always?

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  1. Family vacations always require a recovery period afterward :-)

    But they're still so much fun!


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