Thursday, July 19, 2012

That's Fishy

Okay. This blog post is totally an excuse to talk about food  (again) and my awesome husband (again).
Jeremy and I have very similar taste. We both like classic yet modern decor. We both drink diet soda and love meat.  Neither of us drink coffee (although he's switching to the dark side) or eat FISH.
Well, we don't eat fishy fish. We both like canned tuna and gefilte fish. We can handle fish sticks if we must. After all, they are fried!
But we have never gone further than those fishes.
With the 9 days approaching (a time when we Jews mourn the loss of our Temple and therefore refrain from several pleasures including wine and meat), we are at a loss for healthy meal options.
We might have to rethink our position on fishy fish.
I've been told that salmon teriyaki is delicious, sushi is a delicacy (we eat veggie sushi), and tuna steaks are delectable.
I'm quite doubtful and I find it difficult to believe!
We both love experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. Should we try fish? Is fish an acquired taste? Where do we begin?


  1. I would recommend starting with mild fish and work your way up to raw fish (like in sushi) or seared rare tuna (a wonderful delicacy). Did you ever buy fresh tilapia filets and bread them and fry them? They are very good that way. Then next time can saute a few onions and slices of red and orange pepper in a pan, then add the raw tilapia and cook for a few more minutes. That's also excellent.

    And then you can work your way to a more full bodied fish like salmon. Baked salmon with butter and dill is terrific. It's also quite healthy as it provides certain essential oils or something like that.

    And with time, you might be enjoying sliced lightly seared tuna or real sushi (entirely raw).

    1. This still makes me nervous and we chickened out in the end, but I appreciate the advice and recipes! I just might try one day!


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