Sunday, May 6, 2012

Girls' room!

Today we moved the baby into her crib. In order to accommodate the move, we switched rooms.
The girls kept complaining that their room was "boyish" with sports wallpaper as an accent (previous occupants had twin boys in that room). The girls were also begging us to let them sleep with their new baby sister. While I was quite unsure about this, I knew that my three year old son was not ready for a roommate.
So today we swapped rooms. Jeremy moved all the furniture-beds, dressers, night stands-and set up the new rooms.
The girls were very excited and adjusted fairly well. Tzvi took his nap nicely in his new room. Bedtime went smoothly too. When it came to the girls' bedtime, however, Kayla had a difficult time adjusting to the new room. Arielle was thrilled when I brought Siri in and set her in the crib. She blew hugs and kisses (yes, my kids blow hugs too by making squeezing sounds), and then stayed quiet until they both fell asleep.
Tonight is the real test. Will Siri's cries wake them up?
When I was little my sisters and I shared one bedroom and my brother always had his own room. I don't remember sharing for long because my sister moved downstairs when she was in high school, and the next one moved down when the first got married. I remember how great it was to get my own room after sharing for so long.
I never thought I would put 3 girls in one room. But this solution seems best until they are older.
The room is no longer "Arielle and Kayla's room." Now it is the GIRLS' ROOM!


  1. We had all 3 girls in one room for a short time, but the middle girl was just so disruptive that nobody could ever fall asleep properly. So she got to move out into her own room. And the two boys have their own room.

    Of course, this leads to the oddity of a 12 5/6 year old sharing a room with a 9 year old, and the 10 3/4 year old having her own room. I don't know what we will do as our eldest grows up more.

  2. I hear you liking your own room but I do recall you being good at sharing when I was your roommate!
    I have similar issues at the moment. We have 3 bedroom in our house and up until now we have kept our 3 boys in one room. Most of the time it works and they are all on the same sleeping or non-sleeping schedules. (ages 7, 5 almost 3) sometimes they get noisy and they feed off each other but I have learned to be a little "tougher" and so they know mommy means business when she says NO MORE TALKING! Anyway, with #4 on the way we have to decide how to split things up. I guess baby will be in our room for a bit but then what? Do we keep it 7 and 5 and 3 and baby just because of age similarities or do we go by personality types that match best - likemy 7 year old needs company but is a good listener - my 5 year old is full of life and a little hard to calm at night but is a deep sleeper and very caring towards others - my 3 year old is still very attached to Mommy and may not be too happy with a newcomer. I'm thinking to join the 7 and 3 and keep 5 and baby together?
    or I guess the 3 can stay together and baby gets own room? Don't know what to do as of yet.
    Also, the thought of moving furniture sounds like a big pain... how did you so all that?


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