Monday, April 2, 2012

Keyboard Fun

I got a new keyboard for my new iPad. This is really a lot of fun to use and makes the iPad a lot more practical in terms of computing power.
I am still getting used to having a touch screen to go along with my keyboard. That will come with time. Each device I own (iPhone, android, iPad, desktop PC) comes with its own set of rules. I find that I sometimes confuse these "rules" (i.e. by trying to use Swype on the iPad).
I am certainly not a techie, but I find that each device has its pros and cons. One of my favorite iPad apps gives me the capability to log in to my desktop remotely. I can work from home without booting up my laptop. I find that the new iPad is also very fast and efficient. Now that I have the keyboard, I can do so much more in terms of working from home.
I still enjoy the android phone I have and wish there was T9/Swype on the iPad. It is certainly one of the fastest methods of typing. Both devices have great voice recognition but I find that I communicate better when I type rather than speak. I guess I have more time to think things through when typing.
I am not posting this to make anyone jealous, but if I've piqued your interest in any of these items, it's probably because you are jealous!
Can't wait to enjoy my vacation with my new toy. Hoping I can get my work done quickly so that I can play.
Tata for now from the iPad :)

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