Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Early Adopters: Tzvi and his ABC's

Yesterday I came home from work to be greeted by the following comment from my babysitter:
"Did you know that Tzvi (just turned 2yo in June) knows his ABC's?"
To which I responded: "I know! He sings it so nicely and is so cute when he responds to my pauses with the letters!"
Babysitter: "No, I mean he KNOWS the letters. He is up to 'G.' If you show him all the letters and ask him to point to the 'C' he can find it for you. I am teaching him throughout the day. I know it is possible because my sister taught me when I was little."
Okay, now this is too much!
My 2 year old son (who happens to be be very intelligent and whose language skills are ahead of his developmental age) knows the alphabet!!!!
I have not yet seen his skill in action, but I am anxious to test this out!

Talk about early adopters!


  1. I, back in Sesame Street land, was reading before I turned 3.

    My Sroch knew her ABC's cold before 3 - and most of her alef-bet too.

    Now she's almost 5.5. She still can't read either language (school doesn't teach them till first grade) and has zippo interest in learning to read.

    I hit my head against the wall when I think about it too much. :)

  2. I finally tested him and he makes mistakes, but he does know a lot more than I realized!
    1. He says big A vs. little a. I think that alone is adorable!
    2. He knows some letters better than others (D is his favorite).
    3. He speaks so well and really distinguished between the sounds.

  3. Very nice! Our 5 year old twins surprised us a few months ago with knowing how to read. We've been reading to them regularly since they were infants, but we weren't aware of anyone actually teaching them to read. The older one can (and does) read pretty much anything at this point. He's also appropriated math workbooks from his older sisters and does the problems just for fun - and gets almost all of them correct!

  4. Fisher Price has a game which teaches the ABC really well. Your nephew learned it that way. One day he started identifying letters on my Michlalah sweatshirt! http://www.fisher-price.com/us/fun/games/abczoo/default.asp (this game does not require the use of a mouse, just clicking on the keyboard.)

  5. My son knew the alphabet (Hebrew) when he was 2, reading by 3, and even knew how to type on a keyboard with no letter written on it (it was slow, but cute nonetheless).

    I think that the main reason he was able to grasp it, was because he played a lot with these kind of toys: http://j.mp/mTL2Oq


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