Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Terrible Two's? More Like 1 1/2's!

We've made it to the incredible age of 1 1/2! My little boy finally understands what is going on around him. He knows what the garbage is- though he doesn't always know what should go in there and what should not! He tries to put on his socks, loves getting his kiki (aka blanket), blows his nose (always with a stolen tissue even when he doesn't need one), and runs to the fridge when he wants his cup of milk.
While this is all adorable and completely delicious, he has this terrible habit of screaming. I know it is just the stage and I love him every minute of it, but I can't seem to remember my other kids screaming this much to get what they wanted. Maybe he screams more because he is a boy? When will he find words for all these desires? Being 1 1/2 is difficult!


  1. I think it's a stage a lot of kids go through, boys and girls. Some kids are just frustrated that they can't express themselves properly. Mine still gets really annoyed if I don't understand him.

  2. My son is a screamer too. I have tried everything to get him to stop, but I guess I have been giving in to his demands so he sees no reason to stop!

  3. Oh no! I already see a difference in his reactions as he picks up words. He has begun using words instead of screaming. I hope it only continues! Seems my older kids sometimes revert BACK to the screaming when frustrated. Don't they realize that words get them further?

  4. My older ones do have their share of tantrums, but I do expect more from them since they can speak and have a nice vocabulary in their repertoire to choose from, unlike my youngest.


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