Friday, August 13, 2010

Letter To My Bored Coworkers

I work in an environment where much of our work is seasonal. The workload waxes and wanes and the summer is pretty much DEAD. I work "Dinner Season" which is my fundraising event equivalent of the accountant's "busy season."
But today I sit here with not much to do, browsing and making work for myself. I am researching, preparing lists, and looking ahead for our next strategic fund raising moves. And when I decide to slack off, I surf the web, twitter, facebook and write new blog posts (quietly).
The other side of the office is not quite as resourceful. The boss is away and the mice will play. It is too loud in here and too frivolous for me. This is still an office, a workplace. There are other people with deadlines and work to do. Try to use your phone rather than screaming to one another across the cubicle walls. Please, try to talk about something meaningful!
I sincerely hope I haven't insulted anyone, but I believe there should be a certain decorum at work.
Thanks in advance!


  1. I say, everyone go out for a long lunch!

  2. lucky you have co-workers lol

  3. Did you actually send this to your coworkers?
    Be grateful your boss is not around.


Come again!