Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Last night I went to curves with a friend, completing our three free trial
Tuesdays promotion. As we were working out, the woman who works there started to show us how to utilize each machine and maximize our workout. She showed me which muscles to flex when and how to get the most out of each 30 second interval. She really improved my workout and made me think about joining!
Of course after we were done, she gave us her pitch.
21 days in their sample fitness trial means you have to commit to 3 days per week. They weigh, measure and train you. If you compete the trial, you get an additional 7 days to workout at Curves for free. All this for $20! And we are perfect because we have SO MUCH energy! We should just tell our husbands that it's our 40 minutes and leave everything! When we get home we will have more energy to clean up anyway because working out gives you energy of course!
The irony in the program is that the flyer asks for "volunteers" to be in their trial...! And then they charge you $20! Admittedly, $20 is a good price for 21 to 28 days at a gym. But do me a favor, call us participants, not volunteers!
Well this offer is only good for the month of September in my specific Curves location. Unfortunately, I have so many Jewish holidays coming up in September that getting to the gym would be really difficult! Even if I have free time, I will have to spend it for those holidays!
...or doing bedtime,
...or cooking dinner,
...or doing more laundry,
...or maybe even cleaning!
Don't fret, they open at 5am! ARE YOU CRAZY? And unfortunately they are only open until 8:15pm.
How will I ever get to Curves?!?!?!?!

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  1. It's too bad that it's only for September, because it's a great deal! Ask them if you can start your 28 days on September 30'th :-) (then only 2 chag days overlap with the 28 day period)


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