Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Mommy Twitter Experience

I love Twitter and I think I have found my niche on the popular social
networking site: MOMMY.
Mommy is my title at home and it's now a major part of my online
I like sharing parenting tips as well as flops. I love having
#huggiesmom baby showers and #theonlinemom Twitter parties.
Other benefits include sharing my wisdom, craft ideas, recipes and
dinnertime woes.
Plus there is no end to the # of friends I can meet! There are
MILLIONS of moms on Twitter.
You gotta wonder how we all have enough time to blog, tweet, work and
still be a MOM.
Well the answer is that we don't so we compensate by getting shortcuts
from other moms who already have good ideas.
Like today I shared a costume idea for something cheap and easy for a
pregnant mom with
@graciekate and got ideas from @marksofla (a dad and a good
one at that) for taking my kids on a 12 hour flight and yummy dinner ideas (frying pan not included).
So networking online really HELPS our parenting!
And it gives moms and dads other adults to relate to outside of the office (something we can all use!).
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  1. I'm not really that good of a dad. I spend a lot of time at work, travel (for business) periodically, and spend way (way way way) too much time on the computer. And it sometimes makes my wife mad, and the kids also feel it.

    But I definitely agree that networking online helps with parenting and with managing a household. My wife searches for coupons and other discount ideas, and I look for recipes and various ideas to speed up cooking/baking for shabbat and chag. We also use email extensively to communicate with our childrens teachers. And we use email and various other methods of networking to stay in touch with family and friends, and to share our lives with them via photos and videos.

  2. Mark - that is what makes us good dads. if we spent more time with our kids, we would mess them up!

  3. I see your a relatively new blogger, welcome!

    I love reading Mommy blogs, though I'm not a Mommy yet.

    Very true about the networking and getting tips. If you haven't heard of Parent hacks, you can check them out, they have some cool ideas.

    Rafi: oysh!


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