Monday, February 22, 2016

Each One is Precious

It has been well over a year since I posted on this blog. I believe everyone should own his or her own domain name so I've kept the blog live but have not been writing.
I am now on maternity leave after giving birth to my 5th child, Nava. She is delicious and yummy and well behaved. I find the greatest challenge to be balancing dinner, homework, bedtime and maintaining my patience with the older kids after caring for the baby all day. Of course being sleep deprived does not help one bit. We are adjusting and it helps that the other kids are older and can help. They hold her when I need them to (bathroom breaks, bedtime for the little ones, etc.) and bring me supplies like diapers, wipes and clothes. The big kids love to hold Nava and are very responsible.
I have had a hard time adjusting to getting out of the house: packing up the baby, timing our outing with feedings, buckling her into the car seat and using the stroller again. I feel like every trip is an effort where it was previously effortless. We took our first "class trip," which means a family outing, to the library on Friday. We laughed that now we are the crazy family with five children, the couple you see struggling to balance the needs of all the kids. Trying to give each one the attention he or she needs...
I hope we can balance it all! Each one is precious!
Remind me that next time I am in the middle of homework.


Come again!