Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Smashing snacks!

I got the following text message from my son's preschool teacher.

Teacher: "Hi. All is well. The last few days Tzvi has been smashing his snacks into crumbs. When we asked him to stop, he sat on them... When I ask him why he's doing it he says cuz he doesn't like his snacks! He only wants veggie straws. I told Tzvi I would tell u. Have a good day."

My response: "LOL, he is hysterical! He is so strong willed. Sorry! Please tell him I say that if he stops smashing them, he can have veggie straws when he gets home. Thanks."

Teacher: "Ok. will do. lol."

My son is something else! This is his complex 3 year old logic. I only want veggie straws. Therefore all my snacks must be smashed to smithereens. This will bring me the snack I want!

This little child has a mind of his own. He wants things NOW and he wants to be heard. How stubborn and how hysterical!

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  1. Smart kid ... making connections like that. The beginning of logic - if X then Y.


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