Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweaty Engagement

Tonight I came home from work as usual and planned a low fat dinner for my diet. I purposely chose something quick and easy so we could eat right away and Jeremy could get to evening prayers and I'd go running with a friend when he got back.

We had egg omelets with stir fried veggies. Nice balanced meal, which will leave us both starving in the morning.

But I digress...

When Jeremy got home, I was all ready to go. I met him outside and went for my run. My friend Rebecca and I went for a short run which was about 25 minutes.

Right when I got home -- and I mean right -- I got an email from another friend asking if I was coming to a coworker's engagement party.
OOPS. I had honestly forgotten because I never got a formal invite with location and time. I just knew it was Tuesday night.

Luckily for me, it was local so I told my friend I'd be right over-- after my shower!

20 minutes later I was dressed and on my way.

But boy was I still sweaty! I tried to use some bronzer to reduce the redness but it was impossible.

Thankfully I don't generally care what other people think of me and I went to the party with confidence. My friends who were there knew why I was so red (including the bride) and who cares about everyone else?

For all they know, I spent a week in Florida sans sunscreen.

When I got home I was still overheated and red-faced and I'm still trying to cool down from my run outside and my run to party.

It was such a funny night with random excitement, it just HAD to go on the blog.

Thanks for listening!


  1. You know, the reddish face screams "vitality" and "health"!

    Sometimes I go back to the office at night after the gym and I am also still "high" from the workout and sweating. But I swear that my mind works better on those nights, maybe because of the increased bloodflow or some other physiological thing going on in the body immediately after vigorous exercise.

  2. That's the benefit of a sheitel! Imagine if you had to do your hair first!


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