Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back to Work Thurdsay

Today, Wednesday, is my last day of maternity leave.
I chose to go back to work on a Thursday. If you ask WHY, you are one of many to wonder why I would choose to go back at the end of the week rather than wait until the following Monday.You might also be curious why I would go back to work so soon (6 weeks!).
My job gives me only 6 weeks of paid disability/maternity leave, however in NY state, disability pay is 1/3 of your salary, but it caps out at $170 maximum (before taxes?). As such, over the past 6 weeks, I "came home" with a whopping $800, which must cover our regular expenses plus the new addition. And believe me, SHE is precious and costly!
In addition, being home means spending a lot more money because I am able to accomplish more than I usually can. Cooking, cleaning, organizing, and shopping are all expensive habits. I have bought food, clothes, supplies, gifts, kitchen gadgets, games, and more! Thank G-d for credit cards!
Do you still want to know why I must get back to work so soon?!?
The real reason is that our big fund raising dinner is June 5, and I am behind in getting started. The design work is in progress but there is a ton of work needed to complete before we can begin the campaign. I usually begin Feb 1, and I am starting March 1 instead. My 6 weeks of recovery, vacationing, shopping, nursing, relaxing, reading, cooking, baking, and pampering is O.V.E.R.
And so, I return to work on March 1. Does it matter that it is a Thursday?
I am thrilled to have the weekend right away so that I can adjust to the intense schedule and brain power required to do my job well. I will also have a slight break when Purim comes around the following Thursday.
p.s.- Today is Feb 29! My blog is now complete.

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