Monday, March 14, 2011

Texting and Driving

I  just watched this video commissioned  by AT&T about the perils of texting and driving. It is very powerful and moving and if you were not already aware of the dangers, it should convince you.
Please take a moment and watch:

Make a pledge not to text and drive. Your life isn't worth those few words.

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  1. Estee, Thank you for posting this. The human brain is simply not wired to carry on a conversation while watching the road 100%, and obviously not to text, which usually required removing your sight from the road. After a 15 yr old on our yishuv was killed by a distracted driver we vowed not to touch our phones in the car. In addition, Shalom has a student like the one interviewed, who was an iluy in a yeshiva in Detroit and is now the Darkaynu special-needs program, after being hit by a car. (i don't actually know the circumstances of the accident, but it had the same unfortunate outcome)


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