Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Caring Mom: A Blog Recommendation

Ever since I became a mom, I have been a lot more emotional when I read books or watch movies that involve children. I guess it is only natural to build an attachment by understanding the relationship between parent and child. Now when a child is depicted as sick, lost, disturbed, happy, determined, or sad, I relate strongly to the child and the characters. I relate the emotions of the characters to my own experiences, my own children, and my own family. I never thought I would react so strongly but having kids changed my perspective and made me very sensitive.

Lately, I have been following a blog that brings me to tears at each new post. The blog is titled Foster Parenting Adventures: Sharing my journey as a foster mother and clinical psychologist. It details the life of a mom who has 2 biological sons and has taken in a foster child. She chronicles her day-to-day experiences with her young foster daughter, CD, and the slow but strong attachment that has built over the past 6 months between her, her husband, kids and the new addition. The blog details the struggle to adopt CD and the threat of losing her to her (currently absentee) biological parents.

I am not a foster parent nor do I ever really intend to be one. However, I truly commend CD's foster mom for all that she has done so far. Her emotional journey is one to which I can relate simply because I have my own children.

Go ahead, check out the blog. I promise, you will be moved.

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