Thursday, January 21, 2010

December 9th? Bosses? Consulting?

Has my last post really been on Dec 9th? Every time I think about blogging I have too much going on in my busy life to write anything! So, here I am finally coming back to the blog and saying hello to my long lost friends-- all 3 of my followers! At least I am not a loser on Twitter, where I have 377 followers- pretty respectable though I am sure 10% of which are bots.
Anyway, TADA-- here I am.
Work has quieted down because my boss was away. Of course today he is back but busy with meetings. I have too much to review with him after the whole week and I know it will all have to wait until Monday. Classic.
When I want to get something done, it takes me a week to talk to him... but when he needs something from me, he wants immediate response and completion.
How do I get to be a boss? Or better yet, my own boss?
My friend and I have a dream of opening up a consulting company to consult to nonprofits on communications, marketing, program evaluation, management and strategic planning. We decided that there is no way to accomplish this while we have full-time jobs... mostly because our bosses determine our timelines and deadlines... and until we can decide when we want to come and go and when we can work, there is no way to get this off the ground... aside from the major issue of FUNDING.
We need money to get the ball rolling.
So for now, we are both content with our paychecks and bosses. Hopefully, we will join the ranks of the consultants soon.
Then I will be a boss... and my own boss at the same time!


  1. you forgot to ask everyone to send in money. Maybe they want to fund our start-up.

  2. There is a company that does this where I live. I don't know her other than that she is a friend of a friend. Just strolled across your blog from twitter ... FYI :-)

    Her web site is


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